Friday, April 26, 2013

TAB: Kim Kardashian Abandoned By Kanye West, Set to “Raise The Baby Alone”

Kim Kardashian is
“miserable,” declares Star ,
continuing in the pathetic
tabloid trend of trying to stir drama in the reality
star’s pregnancy.
The mag claims Kardashian is “distraught” over
her “ailing relationship” with Kanye West , quoting
a supposed “insider” as saying, “Kanye has been
nearly absent from Kim’s life since she got
The “source” reveals, “He barely talks to her,
claiming he’s too busy recording in Paris.”
Star ’s so-called “insider” goes on to allege,
“Kanye refuses to record in the United States
because he claims he’s more ‘on point’ in Paris,”
adding, “He told Kim that his mind is so tangled
with baby thoughts and fears that it’s messing
with his creativity.”
“Baby thoughts and fears”? How incredibly vague.
Also, West made the decision to record in Paris
before he even got together with Kardashian, so
the claim that he went there to clear his head is
totally bogus.
Anyway, the tab’s mole says the Marriage
Counselor actress is “scared she’ll be left to raise
the baby alone — or, worse, that she’ll be back in
court, battling him for custody.”
Oh, please.
While Kardashian and West’s situation is of
course not ideal, the pair is making their
relationship work despite the distance.
The “Otis” rapper just spent this week in New
York with Kardashian, and he’s flown to L.A. to
be present for many of her doctor’s
In any case, Gossip Cop once again checked in
with a Kardashian family insider, who tells us the
mag’s story is “tabloid nonsense.”

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