Saturday, April 13, 2013

John Mayer Sending “Sexy Texts” To Katy Perry BFF Rihanna? John Mayer Katy Perry OK!

John Mayer is sending
“sexy texts” to Rihanna
in the wake of his split
from Katy Perry , reports OK!
Calling it “the ultimate betrayal,” the tabloid
claims Mayer is “on the prowl for a rebound
romance with Katy’s BFF Rihanna!”
The magazine alleges that the “No Such
Thing” singer has been “bombarding”
Rihanna with texts “begging for a date,” and
quotes a supposed “friend” as saying,
“Rihanna was amazed when she heard from
John, but deep down it didn’t surprise
Rihanna because he has been chasing her for
Yes, because people always refer to their
friends by using the pal’s name twice in one
Anyway, the so-called “pal” adds, “His texts
were very sexy, and he said they should get
The supposed “friend” says that despite
Rihanna’s relationship with Chris Brown , she
may be “tempted to invite John to a show
and see what happens there.”
Oh, please.
How can a made up “pal” say what Rihanna
may or may not be “tempted” to do?
This story is total nonsense.
A close Mayer insider tells Gossip Cop it’s
“ completely untrue ” that the singer has been
in touch with Rihanna.

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