Friday, August 10, 2012

BBA News:Wait a minute, Talia went to beg Seydou to take her back?

                                           Left, Seydou and Talia    Right Keagan and Talia

At least that's what he's claiming...with photo evidence sef. For those who don't understand what this is about, let me explain. BBA housemates Seydou and Talia were kinda 'dating', kissing, touching etc until Seydou was eliminated from the BBA house many weeks back. Talia cried her eyes out when Seydou left. Y'all remember?

Well, just last week, two days before the end of the game, Talia had sex with another housemate, Keagan.

The thing now is, Seydou is claiming that when he returned to SA for the BBA finale, Talia came to his room, crying and begging him to take her back. The silly boy took photos and secretly recorded a video of when Talia was in his hotel room and posted on Twitter. See it after the their private conversation...

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